Inside CTVS, you’ll find two Dr. Dewans:  Dr. Stephen Dewan is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has been with the practice since 1988.  Dr. Brendan Dewan, Stephen’s son, joined the practice exactly 30 years later in 2018.

It is not uncommon for a child to follow in their parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession — even cardiothoracic surgery, which ranks as one of the most competitive fields of medicine.

As medical lingo often peppered dinner conversation when the Dewan children were young (their mom Diane, is a physician assistant), it was likely that at least one of them would be interested in pursuing medicine. (And as fate would have it, two out of the three kids actually did!).

But to pursue the exact same specialty field as your father is exceptionally unique.

While Brendan always knew he wanted to go into medicine, he thought orthopedics would be his specialty. He knew a thing or two about sports injuries and joint surgeries because of his experience playing football in high school (Westlake) and later in college at Duke.

However, it quickly became apparent to Brendan that he craved cases with greater technical complexities and physiology, leading him to study cardiothoracic surgery instead.

Brendan says he was inspired by his father’s passion for this field dedicated to the “old ticker,” and the intricacies that come along with this specialty.

“My father has a real passion for his job,” recalls Brendan. “The complexity of the patients both intraoperatively and postoperatively really stimulates his mind and drives him to always be better. Medicine is a lifelong career and lifestyle – I wanted to choose a specialty that was going to keep me motivated and engaged for the long run.”

For his part in helping to nurture his son’s curiosity in medicine, Stephen had Brendan visit him frequently in the OR as a high school student (when that practice was once allowed).

Now the two doctors are sometimes back in the OR together, but this time, they are working side-by-side.

Practicing alongside his son, Stephen says, “It feels special as a father to see that your child senses the passion that one has in his profession to want to pursue a similar course, despite the hours and intensity involved. It is very special to be in the same OR and watch the hands and brain work that you watched grow up over the past 30 years!”

For Brendan, even though they may share the same OR on occasion, he says he still has some very big shoes to fill. “Every ICU, every OR, every person in the hospital seems to know my dad. He has become a master surgeon over the last 30 years, and it’s inspirational to try and emulate him both in and out of the OR.”

Happy Father’s Day to both Dr. Dewans, as well as to all of the other dads on our CTVS staff and the amazing fathers we have had the honor of caring for over the years.

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